The Survivors’ Creed

A creed is a formal statement of beliefs, a system that guides one’s actions and way of living their life. Many Christians and Catholics often recite a creed in prayer as an expression of their faith. The Survivors’ Creed is a similar expression, but for survivors of sexual violence.  

The Survivors’ Creed

I believe I have a right to be safe:

at home, on campus, in church, on the street,

whether I am wearing a swimsuit or a jogging suit.

I believe my body is sacred

and only I can choose with whom to share it;

my bodily integrity cannot be stolen or tainted.

I believe being a survivor does not diminish my value,

and that being attacked was not my fault.

I believe healing will come in time

and forgiveness will happen when I am ready.

I believe I am worthy of being treated with dignity and respect,

that my ‘no’ is enough whether it is said with my mouth or with my body.

I believe my word is enough to ensure reasonable action is taken

to ensure my safety and my well-being in the aftermath of an assault.

I believe all people should be held accountable for their actions

and that all people must be educated to respect the bodily autonomy of others.

I believe I am important, untouchable, beautiful, lovable, and powerful,

and those cannot be taken away from me.

I believe I am a survivor and I am unconquerable.

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