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Franciscan University & the Husch Blackwell Report test

On Friday, April 12, Franciscan University of Steubenville released a review of the Husch Blackwell report of their sexual violence policies and procedures. To say this review is disheartening only scrapes the surface of the response this review has produced. First and foremost, it is discouraging that the administration is not accepting responsibility for their…
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The Witch Trials of Title IX

Recently, we have heard of of new guidelines for the implementation of Title IX.  There appear to be quite a few new changes, and I can’t speak to all of them. Some of them might be positive.  But there is one I definitely cannot support–the suggestion that an accused student should be able to cross-examine…
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Disastrous changes headed for Title IX protections of sexual violence survivors

Education Secretary Betsy DeVos will soon publish a new draft of the Title IX rules which govern campus sexual assault cases. The rule changes have been made to provide further protection for students accused of assault, will narrow the definition of what constitutes sexual assault, as well as determine that schools can only review cases…
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A response to the recent CNA article about FUS and Title IX

Catholic News Agency released an article on April 25, 2018 by reporter Mary Rezac, concerning recently accused Franciscan University of Steubenville and their sexual assault policies, along with not-so-subtle accusations regarding the reporter who broke the FUS story to the National Catholic Reporter, Jenn Morson. Dinah’s Voice seeks the empowerment of students on Catholic campuses…
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