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Early Warning Signs for Domestic Violence

Especially if your relationship is new, it’s hard to tell what your future as a couple is going to look like. Best case scenario, you’ve already had your last first date. Worst case scenario, though? Well, there are a lot of worst case scenarios, but one of the scariest is finding yourself a victim of…
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Building up and sustaining your inner self

I’ve traditionally had a hard time with boundaries — and if I’m completely honest with myself, I still do. Sometimes it manifests as feeling responsible for managing other people’s emotions. Other times, it means not speaking up when I notice red flags (if I notice them at all!) because of an overwhelming need to show…
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We Can Be A Voice

I love Catholicism. I’ve studied it since I was five. It has grown with me. The longer I write, the more people I meet and the smaller this Catholic world feels. I still have no real explanation for what kept me searching for answers and finding them in the church. I still have no explanation…
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Hate, Love, and Survivors of Domestic Violence

I am absolutely not a biblical scholar. I am quite relieved that Catholicism is not a sola scriptura kind of gal for many reasons, but I understand and recognize the importance of sacred readings. Please keep this in mind as I write and dissect in this post! One of my biggest pet peeves as a…
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“Daring Greatly” and Intimate Partner Violence

I do not board the Self-Help Reading Train very often. When I was a domestic & sexual violence advocate, I read a great deal of books that would help me to become a better advocate. Those books ranged from books like The Courage To Heal, memoirs written by abuse survivors, or art therapy books that…
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10 Signs of a Toxic Relationship

No relationship is perfect, be it familial, a friendship or romantic relationship, or a marriage, yet a toxic relationship can be found in any of those. Everybody needs to love and be loved, and yet everyone is human and will fail in their efforts to be loving sometimes. But there are some relationships which do…
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5 Tips for the Friend of a Survivor

Your friend has just told you that they have been sexually assaulted, abused, stalked or raped and you want to support them but you’re not sure what they need. Maybe it happened to them decades ago, in childhood, or maybe it was as recent as today. You want to help your friend in any way…
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