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Maria Goretti and the Easy Way Out

Being raped instead of murdered is not the “easy way.” Being a dead virgin is not more worthy than being a living rape survivor.

Reclaiming Maria Goretti from Purity Culture

Maria Goretti is a controversial saint.   When I learned this recently, it honestly shocked me.  Since childhood, Maria has been close to my heart. I took her as my own and, upon confirmation, made it official.  When I was thirteen, a lovely, holy woman, who was a longtime family friend, gifted me with a…
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When Purity Culture Feeds Rape Culture

In a previous post, we discussed some of the ways that small, Christian colleges might propagate purity culture. In this post we will discuss how rape culture can grow (like a parasite) and thrive on such a campus. The “Prize” of Purity If purity culture holds up virginity as a good to be prized and…
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Purity Culture & Christian Colleges

You have probably heard the phrase “purity culture” at some point, usually alongside criticism of its psychological effects, and with regard to its inequalities. Maybe the concept of purity culture is something you associate with fundamentalists, purity rings, teenage promise pledges and “purity balls”. But purity culture is not limited to cults and fundamentalist sects.…
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